2016 – Dr Inabnet removes very large thyroid nodule from grateful patient

Year of procedure/evaluation: Jonathan maizel

hard to find a place to begin. while being treated for pneumonia a shadow was found that ultimately was discovered to be a large..extra large nodule from the right thyroid. my primary physician found Dr. Inabnet and the adventure began. his scheduler was not only patient and professional but gave me a total feeling of security in her speech and guidance. i knew i was in the right hands. we often think of the doctors as the best. but our first contact is the scheduler and the tone is set. it was masterful. my first meeting with Dr. Inabnet made me feel that i was totally in the best hands anyone could ask for. consumate professional with a large dose of average guy that you could put your life in his hands and it was safe. I am a vietnam vet and the doc made me feel safe. I met some members of his team and the feeling got stronger in every way. totally focused. totally professional at every stage. they ultimately removed a grapefruit sized nodule and the right lobe of my thyroid in a two hour procedure. Never a doubt about the outcome. I know people say lots of things. But i will keep it short. If there was a platinum standard as to how medicine should be practiced then Dr. Inabnet and his team are that standard. Mount Sinai/Beth Israel should be shown as the standard all should aspire to. the level of service. attention. focus on professionalism. AND ABOVE ALL, FROM THE SECURITY GUARDS WHO BROUGHT ME A WHEELCHAIR WHEN I WAS FAINT TO THE RECEPTION PEOPLE, THE NURSES AND STAFF. THE CARE THAT THEY DEMONSTRATE IS AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL. THESE FINE PEOPLE SHOULD STAND PROUD OF WHAT THEY DO. THEY DESERVE TO BE MIRRORED. THEY SET THE STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE.